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1.Explosions in the Sky – Greet Death – "Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever"
2.This Patch Of Sky – The Immortal, The Invisible – "The Immortal, The Invisible"
3.Out Of Sight – Disintegration – "Silence Speaks The Words Unspoken"
4.Isis – Carry – "Oceanic"
5.Loss of a Child – All The While – "Carry Me Home"
6.Caspian – Loft – "You Are The Conductor"
7.Pelican – Ran Amber – "Pelican / Mono"
8.Mogwai – Golden Porsche – "Happy Songs for Happy People"
9.Do Make Say Think – In Mind – "You, You’re A History In Rust"


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