Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays

Artist: Empyrium
Album: Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays
Genre: Dark Symphonic Folk Metal/Darkwave Acoustic/Doom

我终于又出现了(不要打脸)……这次带来一首用人声和吉他钢琴描绘出画面感的民谣金属~hope you like it~


A night of december so dark and cold
I walked a path ages old
The moon amongst the clouds revealed lightning valleys, forest and field
Embraced by silence i wandered the moor an endless landscape by my side
When in the mist i saw a light dancing through the hazy night
I stood and watched the play in awe was deeply touched by what i saw
I told my friends what i did see and what they told did tremble me
It’s said the ghost of a young, fair maid
Is cursed to dwell beneath the shade of the olden oak she died below
Oh that was many moons ago

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